The Gentleman's Guide to Cool by Paul Giles


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The Gentleman's Guide To Cool provides easy-to-follow steps in how to dress for success in love and in business. Rule number one is to know your measurements and know how to use a clothing tape measure. Your clothes must fit you well. If they don't, your look will fall in a heap.

Giles' philosophy is simple: if you know you have given something your absolute best you will have the confidence to do almost anything. Watching and learning as he worked among the top fashion labels in the world, he learned the importance of aesthetics and how colours, textures and patterns could be mixed, matched and incorporated into a complete look for billboards, television and magazine advertisements. "I have witnessed firsthand how if you present yourself to the best of your ability, your mind set changes, your appeal broadens, and good things start to happen in your life," he said.

In his book he shares tips on how to create your own style, including advice for men of different heights and shapes, the five pairs of shoes every man should have, a list of 12 wardrobe essentials (Wardrobe DNA), how to choose the right colours for your complexion and how to conduct yourself to make the best impression in the world of business and dating.

And it's not just a book about clothes. It's about building self-esteem by presenting yourself well. It's about building character and bringing excellence and good etiquette to everything you do, including the way you interact with others. People (including women) treat you in accordance with the way you present yourself.

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