Sister Spinster // Rising Potion


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Essences of Redwood, Sage, Strawberry and Emerald 

We are not isolated creatures, although it can often feel that way through our culture of aloneness and individualism. This formula is meant to support us in feeling connected and interdependent with the world around us. Reach for this formula when you feel alone, out of touch and are desiring relationship with the universe. Redwood essence provides support from ancient forces, creating a vast and rooted sense of strength in community. Strawberry plants have runners that will take root and grow new plants; this essence helps us spread out and open to communication with everything around us, clearing any thought patterns that seem stuck, stagnant or isolating. Sage encourages an honoring of the lived experience and knowledge we hold in our bodies, helping us to infuse the mundane with deeper meaning! Emerald gem essence clears fear from our hearts and heads and allows us to connect to Earth with the offering of our own magic.