Scent Maison // Lucid Dream - Lemongrass Candle


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Modern, moody, and sensual – the dark, mysterious undertones of the oil-slicked glass in our Lucid Dreams Collection are heightened by the iridescent details that shift and swirl in the afternoon light and shadows.

About the Fragrance
Warm woods, leather accents, musky notes and hints of spices; this fragrance is both nuanced and sensual. Its dry, piny base of sandalwood, olive tree and cedar roots the scent in earthy tones, while smoky hints of crushed cinnamon, aged mahogany and powdered notes infuse the air – imparting an air of wisdom and luxury. The Boston fragrance is best enjoyed during a quiet moment of reflection, contemplation and focus. This refined, layered scent inspires wisdom and spurs creativity.

Top Notes – Musk, Rice, Powdery Notes

Body Notes – Mahogany, Carnation, Cinnamon

Base Notes – Sandalwood, Olive Tree, Vanilla, Vetiver, Cedar