Ritual Figurine Candle // Lady - Black


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Ritual Figurine Candle // Lady - Black
Ritual Figurine Candle // Lady - Black
Ritual Figurine Candle // Lady - Black

CANDLE – Lady Black 4cm x 18cm


This traditional spiritual candle is formed in the anatomical image of a 'female'.
Meaning of feminine energy - new beginnings / cleansing / fertility / creativity / nurturing / a hug / healing emotions
This figural candle is solid wax and can be dressed and anointed, even carved with a name or spiritual symbols, as desired.


Arm yourself against negative vibes with this spell candle. Black is the colour of protection, banishing and removing negative energies. Call on the black candle to help you in these areas.

Stress? Jealous? Fear? Anger? I just can't even…add some Smokey Quartz to your spell and shift the shit.

Kick those negative vibes to the curb and enhance protection by using Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline

Crystals to enhance your spell: Black ObsidianBlack TourmalineJetSmokey QuartzShungite and Labradorite.

Essential oils: EucalyptusFrankincenseLavenderRosemaryCedar WoodPeppermint

Day of the week: Saturday is the day ruled by Saturn the planet of endings. This is the ideal day for banishing and removing negative energies. 

Moon Phase: Waning moon to shrink what you don’t want from your life.

Chakra: Earth star.

Botanicals: Rosemary, Lavender, Sage, Eucalyptus, Black Pepper. 

How to use your spell candle

Make a clear intention for your spell. Write a note and put this under the candle or carve a symbol or word into the candle. This could be a money amount or intention. 

Incorporate other elements that best serve your intention or desired result. You can anoint the candles in essential oils, roll your candle in botanicals to enhance their powers and use crystals to enhance the intention of the spell. Use your intuition to guide you.

Focus on your intention and light her up! 


Remember to never blow the candle out as it will blow your wish away! If you can’t leave it to burn until the end put it out with a tool.

Ritual Figurine Candle // Lady - Black
Ritual Figurine Candle // Lady - Black
Ritual Figurine Candle // Lady - Black