Our Satellite Hearts x Elise Reiki // I Need Space Spray


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Need space? 




Dial in universal love with this star sprinkled spray. Clear and protect your space with this blend created with a mix of crystals that will free the heart of self-imposed fear and bring in a rush of love for now and ether after. 


This crystal blend—a recipe for universal love—was created under moonlight and ceremony by Elise & Hails using kyanite, kunzite, morganite, ruby, quartz, emerald, aragonite & diamond.


Elise Reiki (@elisereiki) is an intuitive healer working in Geelong, Australia and can be found at www.elisereiki.com


Hails owns Our Satellite Hearts (@oursatellitehearts), which you can find at 91 Ryrie st, Geelong or www.oursatellitehearts.com

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