Nitiraj // Platinum Collection 14 Fragrance Sampler Kit


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You just found the finest quality incense on the face of the planet. This variety pack provides you with 2 sticks of each of the 14 fragrances in the Nitiraj Platinum Collection. 

Each incense is made from scratch, blending the finest plant-based ingredients including coconut charcoal, wood powders, tree saps, spices combined with aromatic oils. 

Experience the difference. Natural, fair-trade and sustainable. 


1x Wooden Incence Holder

2x Dragon's Blood

2x Meditation

2x Frankincense

2x Om

2x Ganesh

2x Patchouli

2x Kama Sutra

2x Prosperity

2x Lavender

2x English Rose

2x Goddess

2x Sandalwood

2x Nirvana

2x White Sage