Nitiraj // Chakra Natural Incense - Svadhisthana (Sacrum Chakra) Sandalwood


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24 incense sticks.

Know in Sanskrit as "Svadhisthana" chakra. The sacrum chakra is located at the center of the body, three inches below the naval, through the lumbar vertebrae.

This chakra is in charge of the sexual organs, hips, appendix, bladder, kidney, spleen and adrenals. The center of passion and personal power. It governs your virility, sensations and is regarded as a master generator of your own essence. It's the home of personal desire and the center of creativity and creation, For this reason, this is the chakra responsible for sexual and sensual energy. 

This fair-trade sandalwood incense is completely plant-based, made from scratch with aromatic sandalwood oil, wood powders, tree saps and coconut charcoal. 



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