Nitiraj // Chakra Natural Incense - Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) Frankincense


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24 incense sticks.

The Crown chakra also known as the "thousand petalled lotus flower" or Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit, is said to the be our "connection to the cosmos". This energy center is located above the crown of the head. It is the center of our spirit, our conduit to universal conscioiusness, enlightenment and wisdom. 

Think of it as a kind of internet connection to the divine. It is the most spiritually significant of all seven chakras. It gives us a deeper understanding of our connection to the universe, our sense of inspiration, devotion and knowledge of our higher self. 

This fair-trade frankincense incense is completely plant-based, made from scratch with real frankincense tree sap and coconut charcoal blended and rolled onto a bamboo stick. 

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