Lunar Living: Working With The Magic of Moon Cycles


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The moon turns the tides, keeps the earth on its axis, gives us the four seasons and makes our days 24 hours long. It stands to reason, given all of this, and the fact we are approximately 60% water, the moon influences us humans too. At some point, we've all no doubt been captivated by the striking sight of a full moon, stuck in the spot, feeling something stir within, unable to take our eyes away.


Drawing on ancient wisdom, LUNAR LIVING is a positive, modern guide to living your life with an awareness of the moon's cycles by renowned moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher. By doing so you'll:


- Feel empowered to make big life decisions


- Understand yourself better


- Tune into your natural cycles


- Improve your sleep, mental health and relationships


- Live a happier, more intentional life



This is the perfect toolkit for understanding the moon, the effects it has on us, what the different phases and cycles are, what they mean, how they can help you to plan for life events and align your goals and how you can make small lifestyle changes accordingly to bring about positive change.