Living in Harmony With Your Cat


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Cats live in our homes not as guests, but as bona fide residents: our daily habits, rituals and schedules are assimilated by our cats more than we might imagine. Those who share their days with a feline know quite well how it is able to intuit our intentions merely by the wardrobe we open or the box we take from a shelf. All this is due to its innate capacity to assess the surroundings and the habits of those living in it with the utmost attention. 

But while cats understand us, in our eyes felines continue to be regarded as unpredictable and mysterious creatures. So, if we have decided that our new life-long companion will be a cat, we must prepare ourselves to discover its world. 

How does one welcome a new kitten? How can your home be 'made to measure' for your cat? What is the most appropriate food? Why does it behave in a certain way? How does it see and perceive its surroundings? What should you do if it gets sick? 

These are only some of the questions you will find in this book, the pertinent answers to which have been elaborated by an animal care expert, along with a good deal of useful advice that will help you understand our four-legged friend and make it grow healthy, while at the same time debunking certain myths about the cat world. In this book you will find everything you need to know in order to be the well-informed owner of a happy cat.