Hey Bestie Bundle

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Hey Bestie! 

Get the best of both worlds and SAVE $10 with this buy-one-get-one-50%-off Bestie Bundle that includes both our Bestie Deck and Magic Heart.

Become your own BFF with this 52-card deck of single-word affirmations! Designed by Our Satellite Hearts, this affirmation deck is just the thing you need to burst out the door and into your day with  purpose and positivity.  Let your intuition tell you what’s up.  It’s easy as shuffling the deck and picking a card. I am assertive. I am creative. I am cute.  Speak the affirmation into existence. Make it real. You can feel it, right?  Allow it to sink in for a hot-second. Now take it into your day and absolutely go off!  What’re you waiting for? Crack this deck open and tell yourself what you need to hear.  Then text one to your group chat. Leave one on your desk. Pass one to a stranger in the street.  And of course, post one on your socials #OSHwitchgang. Thanks, Bestie x

The answers you seek are in your heart. Bestie is back and more nostalgic than ever in our super cute take on the magic 8-ball. It's easy as asking a question, shaking the heart and reading Bestie's answer. Desigend by Our Satellite Hearts, this will have you following your heart in no time! Thanks, Bestie x

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