F**k Feelings: Less Obsessing, More Living


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Heartbroken? Horrible boss? Confidence crisis? Rubenesque body? Anxious? Lonely?


The solution is to find out what’s bothering you and change it, right?


Sorry lady. WRONG.

You aren’t going to suddenly start loving yourself. You aren’t going to just become the Best Version of Yourself. You can’t stop your dad drinking, or your rubbish boyfriend from breaking up with you.


Fact is, there are some things you just can’t change, and will become miserable trying.


Instead, Harvard-educated psychiatrist of 30 years Michael Bennett and his comedian daughter, Sarah, show you how to:


• Stop overthinking

• Make smarter decisions so you can manage whatever life throws at you

• Stick to your values when good luck is nowhere to be found

• Come away from bad situations with your self-respect and sanity intact


They may not promise lifelong happiness, but they do guarantee strength, pride, and a sense of humour.