Dreams. Unlock wisdom, discover meaning, and refocus your life. // Rosie March-Smith


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Unlock inner wisdom, discover meaning, and refocus your life

Learn how to interpret your dreams and use your unconscious mind as a tool for self-help with this in-depth guide to dream analysis.

Have you ever dreamt you were being chased? How about a dream that your teeth were falling out? With clear guidance and practical techniques, you'll be able to see how the images and emotions you experience in sleep are deeply connected to your waking life and why dreams hold the key to self-knowledge.

Explore the psychological function and meaning of dreams, and learn to unlock their power for self-improvement. With a host of interpretations of dream images and themes, Dreams shows you how you can interpret and control your dreams to address issues and imbalances in your life, as well as improve your psychological well-being.

Find out how, when, and why we dream, with explanations of the science and theories behind dreaming. Work through practical dream skills, such as how to decode a dream step by step and keep a dream diary, the significance of nightmares and recurring dreams, and the secrets of lucid dreams that you can control.
Dream interpretation has been practiced around the world for millennia, and now you can learn how to unlock your own unique dreams to find the deeply personal messages within, using your own dream journal as a path to mindfulness.

Bursting with insights and facts and with beautiful illustrations throughout, Dreams will open your eyes to this ancient practice of self-help.