Demeter // Caribbean Sea 30ml


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Demeter’s Caribbean Sea is a light, bright ozone scent. It’s slightly green and floral undertones, seek to recreate the feeling of floating in the calm, warm, deep and blue-green Caribbean Ocean on a perfect spring day. 

The Caribbean Sea was an unknown body of water to Europe until 1492, when Christopher Columbus first sailed into Caribbean waters on a quest to find a sea route to Asia. Following the discovery of the islands by Columbus, the area was quickly colonized and in short order the Caribbean Sea became a busy area for European-based marine trading and transport.

Today the area is home to 22 island territories and borders 12 continental countries. Due to the abundance of sunshine, year-round tropical temperatures moderated by constant trade winds, and the great variety of scenic destinations to visit, the Caribbean is on of our most popular places to visit, luxuriate and investigate.

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