Demeter // Choc Chip Cookie Candle


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  • A beautifully-scented candle.
  • Uses the same top-shelf fragrance oils as is used in all other products for great & consistent fragrance experience.
  • Perfumes any room with a soft inviting fragrance.
  • Envelops the space with candlelight ambiance.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
  • Available in a wide array of scents for selection.
  • Caution: Burn on a heat resistant surface. Do not drop foreign matter or wick-trimmings into candle. Burn in an open area away from drafts. Keep candle burning within sight. Keep out of reach of children & pets.

    Combines notes of light and dark chocolate, with a freshly baked biscuit base which is not too doughy. Demeter Chocolate Chip Cookie contains all of the flavour, with none of the calories. An easy way to enjoy the scent of freshly baked cookies every day, without the effort!

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