Cosmic Flow - A Creative Guide to Harnessing the Moon // Nikki Strange


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Cosmic Flow is a practical and entrancing workbook that connects you with the natural cycles and energies of the moon, and helps you manifest your dreams and intentions. It covers simple science , meditations, and well-being rituals while you explore, log, and track your monthly hopes and intentions . There are over 70 activities, including: Creating an altar Visualising your future Moon gazing Sanskrit chanting Moonlight planting Crystal tuning Affirmations Making a plan of action Clearing your headspace ... and much more While guiding you through the eight stages of the lunar cycle, award-winning artist Nikki Strange also offers a variety of drawing and writing prompts for self-reflection and cosmic creativity . With insightful activities and plenty of space for visual journalling , this precious book is a holistic reminder of how lunar connection can enlighten and enrich both our spiritual and physical lives.

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