Cancer Pack '22


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It's time to hit refresh, Cancer Season is here! (21/6 - 22/7)

This pack includes:

☆ Satya Sunrise Incense - Perfect for creating an environment of calm and relaxation. Try burning this incense during your yoga practice or meditation.

☆ Red Incense Holder

☆ Purple Coven Club Keyring 

☆ Cancer Lip Balm - Flavor Profile: Tropical Mango, Citrus Lemon & Fragrant Berry blended especially for you, Cancer!

☆ Yellow Aventurine Tumble - Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. This stone makes it easy to be yourself.

☆ Moonstone Tumble - Cancer Birthstone. Get your goddess on.

☆ Peach Selenite Heart - This stone will leave you feeling peachy keen! Uplifting. Passion. Creativity. Let's go! Cya negative energy!

☆ Red Spell Candle - add the intention of passion, energy, and vitality to your ritual with a red candle.

☆ Orange Spell Candle - add the intention of creativity, warmth, success and joy to your ritual with an orange candle.

☆ Red Thank You For Witching With Us Shopping Bag