Blue Cast Iron Cauldron


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Blue Cast Iron Cauldron | Cauldrons
Blue Cast Iron Cauldron | Cauldrons

Get witchin’ and connect to the divine feminine with a cauldron.

Connect to your magic through the Witch's Cauldron which can be used for making spells, manifesting intentions, magic, wishes, burning incense, making offerings and mixing herbs and essential oils.

Want to delve deeper? The Witch’s Cauldron book has everything from blessing your cauldron to practising every day witchery. 


Cleanse and go!

Before getting started cleanse your cauldron with some Sage or Palo Santo. Light her up and let the smoke flow over the cauldron to neutralise and cleanse any energies and to create a clean slate to create your own magic. 

Make sure to cleanse and clean your cauldron after each use to reset the energies. 


Burn, baby, burn! 

To light your resin you are going to need:

  • Charcoal tablets
  • Resin
  • A heat proof dish or a cauldron
  • Tong & Spoon 
  • Lighter 

When using your charcoal disk make sure you have a non-flammable surface to place it on, use one of our cauldrons if you are feeling witchy! You can find our collection here. Having a little bit of sand or pebbles in the bottom can work really well.  

Hold your charcoal tablet with your tongs and light her up! Hold the charcoal over the flame until it starts to crackle and spark then place the disk onto your heat proof dish. Sprinkle resin on top of the charcoal disk using your tongs.

The resin will melt and burn creating smoke that will cleanse your space and enhance any intentions you have made.   

Cast a Spell.

Cauldrons can be used as a tool to make spells, set intentions and makes wishes. 

You can burn paper on which you have written your wishes or intentions on. This sends your wishes to the Gods and Goddesses through the flames.   

Place a candle, herbs, oilscrystals and any other spell elements in or around your cauldron to create spells, intentions or wishes. 

Need some spells to get you started? The Practical Witch’s Spell Book has an introduction to Everyday Witchcraft.

Green witch? Natural magic? Healer? Add The Green Witch for an introduction to the healing magic of plants, herbs, flowers and essential oils.  


A place for your witchy tools.

Use your cauldron to hold sages, smudge wands, candles, oils, herbs!


6cm high (not including lid or legs)

7cm wide

Never leave a candle unattended


Blue Cast Iron Cauldron | Cauldrons
Blue Cast Iron Cauldron | Cauldrons