Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cartwright


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Beyond Doorways can be used as a personal reference to explore channelled information about the alchemical changes initiated in the human body and universe allowing transition into the New Age. It also details astrological events that supported this process. A full chapter of Transference Healing procedures enabing individuals to work on their body and consciousnss for alchemical healing and transference is included. Information is provided about the creation of the world, Alexis' personal understanding of 'God' and the changes that will occur throughout the New Age. There is a detailed 250 page chapter giving individual personal and global readings for each of the twelve chiron woundings, with frequency-healing procedures for both adults and children. A further chapter explores the uniques nature of children being born onto the planet at this time. Later chapters work with specific Ascended Masters and theirhealing influence. Inforation is also given about the heart chakra and its connection to the Earth and the self-mastery process. The book finalises with information on parallel dimensions and worlds plus the technology behing the Transference Healing modality itself.