A Kitchen Witch's Guide to Recipes for Love & Romance // Dawn Aurora Hunt


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Learn the craft of a kitchen witch to attract and renew love with this gorgeous recipe book featuring the easiest and simplest form of magic-cooking. From loving yourself, your family and friends to romancing a significant other-love comes in many different forms. But what attracts love? What sustains it? And what can you do when you need to find love within yourself? A Kitchen Witch's Guide to Recipes for Love & Romance includes all the recipes you need to find-and maintain-love, using ingredients that have energetic properties and associations with love, sex, and romance. Combining the principles of Pagan beliefs and practices with easy recipes and personal anecdotes, this beautifully illustrated book will inspire you to cook up a little magic with positive intentions, simple spell craft, and visualization techniques. Now you can easily amp up the spiritual nutrition for attracting more love into your homes, lives, and meals. From celebrating love in all forms to rekindling romances with old flames, these fifty recipes use simple ingredients and make being in love easier-and tastier-than ever.

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