Spell Candle // Lavender Candle


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Spell Candle // Lavender Candle | General
Spell Candle // Lavender Candle | General

Into the mystic. Purple is the colour of psychic power, spiritual awareness, intuition, the Divine, guidance, power, ambition, prophetic dreams, wisdom, astral travel. Call on this Lavender candle to help you in these areas!

Want to drive your intuition to the next level? Add Amethyst

Raise your vibration? Add Titanium Aura Quartz

Feeling cute but psychic? Add Green Amethyst.

Crystals to enhance the spell: AmethystLavender FluoriteTitanium Aura QuartzGreen Amethyst.

Oils: Clary SageLavenderPeppermintYlang-ylang  

Day of the week: Thursday utilises the bold energies of Jupiter and the mystical energies of Neptune the ruler of the spiritual realm.  

Moon phase: Waxing moon to make things in your life grow.

Chakras: Third-eye, crown

Zodiac: Sagittairus

Botanicals: Lavender 

How to use your spell candle

Make a clear intention for your spell. Write a note and put this under the candle or carve a symbol or word into the candle. This could be a money amount or intention. 

Incorporate other elements that best serve your intention or desired result. You can anoint the candles in essential oils, roll your candle in botanicals to enhance their powers and use crystals to enhance the intention of the spell. Use your intuition to guide you.

Focus on your intention and light her up! 

Remember to never blow the candle out as it will blow your wish away! If you can’t leave it to burn until the end put it out with a tool.


SIZE: 100mm high

Spell Candle // Lavender Candle | General
Spell Candle // Lavender Candle | General