Sister Spinster // Devotion Potion


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Essences of Blackberry, California Poppy, Pink Pepper, Pomegranate, Nasturtium, Carnelian and Lava in a rose and honey infused brandy

A flower and gem essence formula for engaging inspired practice with quality and power

This formula helps one relate to deep wells of inspiration and creativity while developing a devoted practice for carrying out this work in the world, in whatever shape it may take. Blackberry essence helps one establish lasting connection with the springs of life that help us manifest our dreams. California Poppy assists in letting go of negative thought patterns while helping us believe in ourselves. Pink Pepper essence is a fiery motivator; the time is now! Pomegranate calls in fertile abundance and Nasturtium helps us to truly embody our ideas. Carnelian is an vitalizing stone, helping us connect to sources of enduring energy. Finally, Lava provides a highly-charged flowing energy to the formula.