Sister Spinster // Spellwork Potion


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Essences of Morning Glory, Rosemary, Goldenrod, Redwood, Lapis Lazuli and Gold in a rose and honey infused brandy

A flower and gem essence formula that encourages true expression of personal desire

What would you like to call into being? What spells are you ready to cast into the world? This formula is for setting heartfelt intention and expressing ourselves clearly without fear. Essence of Goldenrod is wonderful for those who fear judgement of others when they reveal their true selves; it encourages true articulation of self. Morning Glory flower essence brings power into the body through the throat meridian, allowing vitality to flow freely between you and your intention. Rosemary is an essence of incarnation, helping us feel safe and present while we express our true desires. Redwood essence helps those who are overly-flexible take a strong stance for what they believe in. Lapis Lazuli harmonizes the energy of the throat and Gold gives us confidence in our ability to bring our intentions into being. May our powerful language grant us access to the realm in which we speak of! 

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