Sister Spinster // Flora Potion


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Essences of Anemone, Wild Iris, Foxglove, Rose, Elderflower, Lady's Mantle, Belladonna Lily, Apple and Olive in a rose and honey infused brandy

A flower essence formula for connecting to abundant and divine nourishment

This formula is dedicated to Flora, the Goddess of Spring and of flowering plants. I was instructed to work with these plants under Flora's domain, and this formula blossomed from this work. Some of the qualities of the flowers are listed below, but let's not forget that the power of these plants expands beyond the following words! Anemone: For feeling safe and grounded in the body. Wild Iris: Connects to deep and soulful vitality. Foxglove: Releases tension, energetic heart strengthener so we may see through fear. Rose: Opening to the Sacred. Elderflower: Invigorates sense of beauty, releases self-doubt. Lady's Mantle: Deeply nourishing through connection to Earth. Belladonna Lily: Embodying sensuality. Apple: Calls in re-enchantment! Olive: Breathes new life into the over-exhausted.