White Sage Cleanse Wand


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White sage can be used to cleanse, protect and elevate the energy of a space or person. It is particularly helpful after experiences such as an argument, illness or prior to moving into a new space to cleanse and can bring in fresh energies with positive intent.  

Cleansing with white sage can also cleanse and purify the air and make an environment cleaner.  

Ways to use a cleanse wand:

Make sure to set your intentions before cleansing a space or person. When you cleanse you create a vacuum and you want to make sure you welcome your intentions and good vibes into the space!

Open the windows and doors in your house to allow the old energies to move out of your space.  

Light the cleanse wand, walk in a large circle, stopping at East, South, West, and North to create a sacred space for magic within the circle.

Light the bundle and walk through the rooms of a home or other building to cleanse, protect, or imbue the space with energy.

Light the bundle and waft the smoke over your body or someone else's for a spiritual cleanse or for imbuing.

Wave the smoke over ritual tools or objects that you wish to bless. 

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