$75 Mystery Pack


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Can't decide but know you're not leaving without a little bit of OSH?

We've got you, bestie!

Launched during covid, our famous mystery packs have been blowing customers' minds for years. 

We intuitively handpick products for each pack and include a mix of best and most loved products. Loaded with value, our mystery packs are discounted and include more RRP value than you're paying.

If you don't want the full mystery experience you can refine our selection by providing us with an intention or theme for the pack. This is how most customers like to shop our mystery packs because you can have an idea of what you want but just need our little OSH fairies to do a little personal shopping for you. 

You can also let us know any exclusions you might have. 

Some intention and theme ideas include:

  • Love
  • Luck
  • Protection
  • Beginner Witch
  • Anxiety
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Green witch

Our mystery packs are perfect for:

  • Beginner and baby witches
  • Love all things OSH and just want a surprise
  • Gifting
  • Witches wanting bang for their buck!

Simply checkout and write your intention and any exclusions in the order notes and we'll get packing!

Please note: 

All sales are final.

NO exchanges or refunds on Mystery Packs.

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